WE Start! – 3rd partners’ meeting in Cham, Germany

The 3rd partners meeting of WE Start! project, was hosted by the project partner VHS Cham, between 5 and 6 of December 2019, in the city of Cham, Germany.

The 3rd partners meeting, was a long discussion and brainstorming around the second output of the project, the Social Learning platform. During the meeting, all partners had time to present the educational material they collected, why they collected them and receive feedback on the rest of the partners on whether they would stay in the originally assigned category defined by the respective researcher, or if they would fit better in one of the other categories.

The partners spend a lot of time reviewing the information provided and the descriptions of the tools & methodologies and decided to insert some new criteria to be pointed out in each tool/methodology in order to allow the learners and the educators to have a better idea of the tools they will be visiting in the platform. For this reason, the partners identified 2 review groups, one review group for the orientation area materials and one for the skills area materials.

Once the materials were reviewed and the work plan had been set, the colleague from CARDET presented us the social platform prototype that included some of the materials we had gathered in order to show us how it would look to the end user. The partners discussed and review the structure and appearance of the platform in terms of user experience and along with the technical team of CARDET they reached an agreement on the elements that could be included to make the user experience more easy and helpful.

We are really looking forward to your input. The Social Learning platform will be available to the public around the summer of 2020. As always, feel free to ask us your questions using our contact page.

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