WE Start! – 2nd partners meeting in Vienna, Austria

The 2nd partners meeting of WE Start! project, was hosted by the project partner VHS Wien, between 15th and 16th of May 2019, in the city of Vienna, Austria.

The partners had an overview of the project activities carried out after the kickoff meeting. The main focus of the meeting was the progress of the field research in order to create the first intellectual output of the project, the Guide to innovative technological methodologies, methods and tools to promote the social inclusion of women. The output leader, VHS Wien, presented a first draft of the research results and the structure of the final version of the Guide.

The second part of the meeting was dedicated to the second output of the project, the social learning platform. CARDET, the leader of the 2nd output, presented a first draft/idea of the platform structure and visual identity. The partners had the chance to review it and contribute with ideas on how the material could be presented in the platform as well as the point the usage elements that would allow the end users to engage more with the material presented there.

Apart from the technical aspects of the platform implementation, there is also the content collection which is the educational materials, tools and methodologies that will be collected by all partners and will eventually be presented in the platform. For this part, the project partners are called to contribute in the platform with educational material, tools, methodologies, etc, that are considered helpful in ones journey to lifelong learning. For this reason, the collection process is divided into 2 categories:
1) Orientation area: In this area, the partners will research and contribute educational materials that help the learners identify they needs, their tendencies and likes, and accordingly make a learning plan for themselves.
2) Skills area: In this area, the partners will research and contribute educational material that help the learners acquire the knowledge and develop their identified need for skills.

We are really looking forward to your input. As always, feel free to ask us your questions using our contact page.

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