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What is the TOOLKIT S.E.P.?

The Toolkit S.E.P. aims to develop assessment and self-assessment tools able to measure the skills (LIFE, MONEY, HEALTH, EDUCATION and TRAINING, WORK) possessed by the women addressed in the project and any changes that have occurred following the implementation of the paths through the S.L.P. Through the Toolkit, professionals can support women in designing learning paths and personal growth by acting on their representation systems: knowledge of the levels of skills possessed can help women to focus on training needs and to outline effective response strategies (reflection criticism becomes ‘motor of representative change’). The self-assessment tools provided in the Toolkit also corroborate this process.


The Toolkit is divided into 5 Areas (LIFE, MONEY, HEALTH, EDUCATION and TRAINING, WORK). 

The assessment areas address:

Approach and attitude to change: focus on motivations for active participation, social inclusion and undertake training courses. Social, cultural, personal, regulatory, identity, values, trust and autonomy factors are assessed in this field.

The enhancement: identification of the factors to be strengthened to make the skills of the target women of the project more effective in order to increase their level of social inclusion, training and work. In this area, some of the key competences foreseen in the project and the transversal competences are evaluated.


For each area there are two defined sections

one related to self-assessment tools, directly available to women  and another one related to evaluation tools available to professionals in working with women.

The evaluation and self-evaluation materials produced are divided into:

– evaluation materials available to professionals. These materials are: questionnaires, guided interviews, manuals or other materials useful for working with women. The evaluation materials correspond to the 5 Areas indicated above. The identified material can be used by professionals/experts both individually and in group activities, facilitating peer evaluation. The materials are either in pdf format or downloadable from the platform, or links to their providers’ pages (websites, youtube, etc.).

– self-assessment: self-assessment materials are made available to women/learners to evaluate their skills and decide which ones to deepen or strengthen.


The evaluation material is available through the SLP. Especially for self-assessment, there is the requirement for registration.


To use the toolkit, visit the link below which will lead you to the space withing the SLP designed to accommodate the toolkit


Women Education and STrategic Approach foR Training !

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