WeSTART! Social Learning platform

We are happy to announce that after two years of work, the WeSTART! Social Learning Platform (S.L.P.) is ready for public use!

The WeSTART! S.L.P. embodies two of the project’s products, the Toolkit and the Platform itself. The “Toolkit” refers to all the resources provided for independent learning, while the “Platform” is the digital space where all these tools are provided and supported in real time with the contribution of the project’s partners.

The WeSTART! S.L.P. addresses two distinct groups of people:

  • adult women who have had few educational opportunities in their lives &
  • adult educators and counsellors

The platform is comprised of 5 areas of interest


as well as other two menu pages, “HOME” (the homepage of the platform) and “WeSTART!” (link that redirects to this website).

The areas “SKILLS” and “ASSESSMENT” are both divided in two types 1) For women and 2) For guidance counselors, which means that depending on your choice, you will be presented with different material.

In the coming weeks, the platform will be enriched with material in the areas “OPPORTUNITIES” and “E-LIBRARY” and will also include the links for contacting professionals from each partner country who will assist you (for free) with clarifications and further help in your use of the tools.

Feel free to check out the platform here: https://socialplatform.westart-project.eu/en/ and send us your comments through this website or from the details available in the “Contact us” page

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